Context AI / ML Cloud Platform

What is Context? :

Context is a no-code, cloud-native integrated AI & ML Platform that seeks to “democratize” AI & ML to produce meaningful data insights. Context is powered by the Google Cloud Platform and the leading Google AI such as DocumentAI, Vision AI, Video Intelligence and Speech-to-Text AI. Context allows organizations to create projects with customized rules and configurations allowing isolation of data and collaboration with authorized personnel.

AI / ML Cloud Platform

Context is primarily catered towards Data Scientists, Business Users and Data Analysts but can be used by anyone that wants to pull together disparate, unstructured, “dark” data in a variety of file types and output structured, organized data that can be analyzed with ease and viewed in meaningful ways.

AI & ML solution

The Image above displays the Context Home Screen of a single project, which provides a simple, “drag and drop” enabled multi-file select upload interface that supports extracting insights from data of file types including PDF, Word, JPEG, TIFF, MP4, CSV, MP3. User can also automate file uploads and data processing by creating and scheduling process workflows in the Context Flow Designer.

AI / ML Cloud Platform

Analytics Capabilities

Context is designed to be a centralized source of data. It is equipped with advanced Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) functionalities that allow it to import data in batch from multiple sources such as cloud storage on all cloud providers including Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure) and additional local file servers or other databases, with a defined periodicity. 

Not every data analyst is an expert with Cloud Computing, but they don’t need to be. Cloud Fluency is nice to have, of course, but it shouldn’t limit proficient data scientists from being able to do their job in the most efficient way possible. The Context spreadsheet view allows users to understand the common labels and patterns detected in their data. Context  is #1 AI / ML Cloud Platform Powered by Google Cloud Platform 

Powerful Cross-Data Search Engine

Every data file that gets loaded into Context can be searched based upon the extracted labels and insights using an integrated search solution located at the top of the navigation bar. The screenshot below shows the results for search query “Building”. As the search results imply, “Building” was a common label for each of the two image files.

AI / ML Cloud Platform

With this capability, organizations will be able to search across their data for more than just file names. Rather, they can search through the entirety of all their data files for all key words that are relevant to the file, without manual processing or coding needed.

Context is a fully integrated AI / ML Cloud Platform that offers the best of breed solutions—Take the complexity out of AI! Context gives organizations control over their data, and analytically empowers their workforces, so anyone can work with AI without having to understand code.

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