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Explore how Context AI solutions unlock value in your industry.

Defense & Intelligence

Analyze and connect internal data to open source information to speed up threat detection and decision making.

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Legal Sector

Automate information-intensive legal processes and deepen your insight into legal documents.

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Telecom & Utilities

Capture efficiencies, enhance the user experience and simplify information sharing and decision making.

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Life Science & Pharma

Make the most of your data to improve R&D, enhance the quality of treatment and care and prevent operational risks

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Public Sector

Deliver quality digital experiences to citizens while accelerating and augmenting knowledge-based processes.

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Reduce risk, improve win rates, and increase capacity for commercial insurance carriers and brokers.

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Banking & Finance

Capitalize on your knowledge and streamline information-intensive processes to meet the demands of customers and regulators.

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Oil, Gas & Energy

Streamline data-driven strategies and decision-making processes by managing the scale of massive amounts of information.

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Publishing & Media

Improve the process of content creation and enrichment as well as augment manual processes and workflows.

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