Terms of use

This Terms of Use outlines the ContextApp’s user policy, its services and liabilities involving the use of our services and products. If you register any of our services, it’ll be assumed that you’ve read and accepted all the terms and conditions pointed out in this document.


ContextApp and/or a website owned and operated by ContextApp is covered by this Terms of Use including the treatment of use of services and products. The companies that are not in under ContextApp's control or of persons that are not ContextApp employees, or any contract-bound third-party service and/or venders, any third-party websites to which ContextApp’ website links, they are not covered under this document.


If a user is unsatisfied with any of our services and file a complaint, ContextApp will try and come to a mutually acceptable solution. And if the things don’t work out, revocation may occur. Before filing a complaint, feel free to write to us. If we are unable to provide you with a mutually satisfactory solution, then you should only file complaints..


We ensure that the client gets what is mentioned as per the terms and that is why we handle every project professionally according to conditions of the proposal. However, refund claims will be considered if the client has opted for the dispute resolution according to the following schedule. This schedule clearly outlines the services and our Terms of Use related to each service.


If the project has not been initiated for some reason we will offer a full refund. We draft an agreement for every project of application programming. In case of no agreement or no any Terms of Use, we will apply the following delivery policy: A partial refund upon the discretion of the service provider will be issued by ContextApp if the project does not get finalized as mentioned in the delivery policy and contract. ContextApp will calculate the proportion of the project completed and the incomplete proportion will be treated as per the pre- defined project scope.


There is a limited liability of ContextApp to the value of the portion of the project which may be incomplete at any given time. ContextApp is not responsible for any losses arise out of the services delivered / not delivered or the delay. ContextApp will refund only when the client cancels the project, and as such, the cancellation has been communicated to ContextApp in writing.


If You have any queries our Terms of Use from this Site Do get in touch with us on https://contextapp.ai/contact-us/ and complete the online email form.